Sunday, November 6, 2016

Awakening Europe!

While the DTS and I were in Stockholm, we went to the Awakening Europe conference. This event was focused on getting people in Europe on fire for Jesus again. There were amazing speakers, such as Ben Fitzerald, Todd White, Heidi Baker, and others as well as incredible worship. The DTS and I were volunteers on the ministry team, which meant that we would basically go around and pray for people. It was so amazing! Hundreds of people were saved, and dozens of people were healed too! Several people I personally prayed for gave their lives to Christ, and others were healed!

This conference blew my mind (as well as the minds of the students), it was such a great experience to feel the Holy Spirit so tangibly and be apart of Jesus' revival in Europe!

Outreach in Stockholm!

These past two weeks the students and I went for a two week trip to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. We stayed at a local church and had a week long teaching on Evangelism, and we got to put what we learned to practice on the streets of Stockholm. God did amazing things through us, people were saved and the students grew a ton on sharing the Gospel!

The following week we teamed up with local St Clara Church, as well as two other DTS groups, giving out food to the homeless and praying for them if they would let us. St Clara was so generous and it was an honor to work with them, and because of them reaching out many homeless have come to know Christ.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

YWAM National Gathering

About a week ago Restenas hosted the YWAM National Gathering of Sweden! YWAMers from all over Sweden came together in amazing fellowship. We had wonderful worship together, and came together in prayer. We had great speakers preaching about the glory of the Lord, and much more! We also had lots of fun activities that we did together, like dancing, and also spent some time doing evangelism in the city of Gothenburg. All together, it was so incredible to be surrounded by so many people seeking after God!


Sunday, October 9, 2016


This past week the topic was called Relationships. It was all about how to have relationships with friends, family, and romantically in a godly way. We also had a school from Stockholm join us for this lecture and was really great to have them with us!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Lecture Phase!

We have just begun the beginning of lecture phase! Every week we have speakers come in from around the world to teach the students about the many different aspects of God. These past two weeks we have been learning about hearing God's voice and the nature and character of God. We have learned and grown so much already and I really look forward to the weeks ahead!

Saturday, September 17, 2016


My team and I just finished NIKO! We all grew so much in teamwork, leadership, and dependency on the Lord! It was so great to get out into God's amazing creation with these fantastic people!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Beginning of DTS

The Frontier Discipleship Training School has started! It officially began yesterday, and we have been spending the past couple days getting to know the students and introducing them to the DTS. On Sunday we are all leaving to go on NIKO, an outdoors program focused on leadership training, and that will end on Thursday.